A Tutor and Writer- An Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Rachel Kelly. I decided to start this blog so I would have a singular place to house all of my writing based on education. But how did I begin writing about education? Here is my story:

Growing up, my house was full of stories. My mother read to me every night, my father and I made up silly stories, and my brother created makeshift picture books. As I got older, I found my own voice when it came to stories and began writing my own poetry and short stories. I am also a huge bookworm and am always reading- something that helps to fuel my imagination.

It became my dream to publish my own book, so I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s of Arts in Writing Arts at Rowan University. While at Rowan, I wrote a myriad of papers and honed my writing, research, and editing skills. I also got a job as a writing tutor, which I absolutely loved. It allowed me to use the skills I accumulated to teach others something I am passionate about. I loved this job so much that I decided to make tutoring part of my career.

After graduating Rowan University early with Magna Cum Laude, I decided to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University to obtain a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. I am almost done with this degree, and have already become certified in Elementary (K- 6) and in English at any grade level. I worked as a Title 1 English Teacher for a while, and now I am working as writing and reading tutor.

Although I love my job, I have an insatiable need to grow as a writer and expand my horizons. Therefore, I created this blog to explore and use what I have learned through both of my degrees, combining my love of writing and education. My purpose for becoming a freelancer is to improve my writing even more and to help promote my name as a writer.

So, if you would like to read about education (particularly reading, writing, and literature) or about my musings or experience in this field, follow me!

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