Hunger, Malnutrition, and Disrupted Education in War Torn Countries

Recently, the education system in the United States has been under much turmoil. The government, states, and parents alike all worry that our education system simply does not work anymore- that it isn’t providing students with what they need.

However, children in the USA are actually very lucky. Most have a public school they can attend and are physically able to go to school on a regular basis. Children in war torn countries, such in the Middle East, are not so fortunate. Although volunteer groups have helped build and provide schools to children, many are shut down because of terrorist groups and other complications of war.

But even if a child in the Middle East has an open school they can go to, they may not be healthy enough, physically or mentally, to attend. Why? Because the ongoing wars and fights with terrorists groups have led to one serious problem affecting millions of children: hunger and malnutrition.

Through my internship with The Center For Educational Improvement, I wrote an article discussing the reasons behind widespread malnutrition in the Middle East, and the many ways that it effects the health of children.

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