ACT vs SAT: What Are The Differences? Which Should I Take?

I have tutored many students in test prep, and one question I always hear is “Should I take the SAT or the ACT?” If you are wondering the same thing, look no further. I recently wrote an article comparing the SAT and ACT for Quesbook, a website that provides innovative prep for the ACT.

The article gives an overview of both tests from how long they are, what skills they assess, and so on. There is also a neat infograph that helps show the differences in the test.

As for which to take, the answer isn’t so clear cut. Both tests are accepted at most colleges and universities. Because of this, a student should choose the test that caters to your strengths. For example, the ACT lets you use a calculator throughout the entire Math section whereas the SAT restricts calculator use in some parts. However, you get more time to answer questions on the SAT, while the ACT is much more of a time crunch. It is all about preference, and, in the end, it is up for the student to decide which to take.

To get more in-depth advice about the SAT/ACT and which to take, please click here to read the article on Quesbook

You can also check out more articles I’ve written about standardized testing here.


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