Japanese Culture’s Influence On Its Educational Practices


As a final project in graduate school, I needed to write a research proposal on an educational topic. I chose Japanese education because I have had a fascination with Japan since I was a child, and have noticed over the years its education system is very different than the ones used in Western countries. I decided to research how Japan’s traditional culture has affected their educational system, and if the current system is meeting the needs of its individual students.

You can read the entire project below. The bulk of the paper (and the most interesting part) is the literature review. I apologize if it ends a little abruptly. Time constraints and my professor’s preferences inhibited me from adding more, but I intend to continue adding to research in the future.

Please note that the Methodology is entirely hypothetical and I am not actually conducting the research (although I would love to).

*Also, I apologize if the formatting in the document is a little funky. Scribd changes it when I upload the paper and fixing the Word document itself isn’t having any effect. Also, the document may not appear when using a mobile device. Please view it on a laptop or desktop computer.


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